Dentures are a quick solution to replace a missing tooth. It should be fitted well to avoid loosening up because it can cause discomfort during eating and speaking. You may lose a tooth because of accidents, tooth decay, or illness. Do not worry about walking around with a missing tooth because dentures are available.

However, before agreeing to have dentures, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages.


Saves on treatment time

You will not need too much time commitment as compared to dental implants. If you a busy schedule and are unable to commit treatment time of more than 6 months to dental implants, you can consider having dentures. You can get a pair of customized dentures within 48 hours. This is a quick solution to replace a missing tooth.

Dentures look natural

Dentures look like natural teeth. So one can hardly tell the difference at a glance. This protects your self-esteem and makes you confident as you interact with people. You do not have to worry whether people will notice you have dentures or not.

Protects the jaw

Dentures protect the jaw and prevent deterioration. The jaw muscles are susceptible to wearing out if left open without a tooth. The denture will protect the jaw muscles and stimulate the growth of the jaw.

A beautiful smile

A smile is beautiful when you have all the teeth in place. Gaps and missing teeth affect the beauty of your smile. Dentures are artificial teeth but mimic the ability of natural teeth. With dentures, you can achieve a beautiful smile.

Fewer restrictions

The treatment cuts across all age groups. It is a great advantage for older people who may not consider a dental implant. The dentures will perform just like natural teeth. You will have no restrictions on foods and drinks to take. You will enjoy the freedom of diet just like when you were having natural teeth.

No surgeries

Fitting dentures is not a surgical procedure. If you do not prefer surgeries, you can choose dentures. The treatment process is suitable and quick for anyone who is not ready to have a dental implant.


Even though such dentures are a good solution, they will need constant replacement because they wear out and sometimes become loose. A few people feel uncomfortable to eat when wearing dentures. This may not be the case for everyone.
If the dentures will not fit in, it can irritate the jaw and the tongue. You will feel uncomfortable. In such cases, you are advised to visit the dentist to reshape the denture so it can fit well.
They may not look as natural as dental implants
Dentures are a good solution to fix a lost tooth, but it may not look like a dental implant. Dentures are preferred because they are non-surgical.

Dentures are removed when you go to sleep. Which makes it tedious because you will have to remove them and put them back in the morning.

High maintenance

The dentures need to be cleaned regularly and sometimes it is expensive to have the right cleaning agents. Many patients find the maintenance of dentures quite costly. This is why you can consider other dental treatment options.

Dentures can become loose

After wearing them for some time, they can become loose. This makes eating and speaking difficult. At this point, you can be given a dental crown to hold it or the dentist can prepare another denture for you.

When you compare dental implants and dentures, implants are a lifetime solution. Dentures will need replacement after 5 to 6 years. Dentures are a quick solution as you prepare to consider a dental implant. Dentures have several advantages like enhance your smile, protect the jaw from wearing out, and give you self-confidence. Every dental treatment procedure has advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages can be managed by taking care of the dentures and visit a dentist if the denture is loose.

At Dental Singapore, we have trained and certified dentist who will help you know the best treatment for you. Before you decide if you want dentures, it important for you to speak with a professional. Book an appointment today and talk to one of us

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