Surgical gum cleaning is important because it is used to treat periodontitis or gingivitis. This surgical process is done under local anesthesia. This procedure aims to treat gum diseases and the following:

  • Damaged tissues and bones.
  • Prevents loss of the tooth.
  • Reduces the gaps between teeth.
  • Reshaping the jawbone to reduce the risk of bacterial growth.
  • The process helps to remove infections and bacterial growth.

Conditions that need surgical gum cleaning

Treating gum diseases such as periodontitis and gingivitis may need this surgical procedure. Symptoms of gingivitis are redness of the gum, bleeding, and swelling. Factors that lead to the occurrence of gingivitis include plaque, the buildup of tartar, and poor oral hygiene. Medicine alone is not effective to completely eradicate gingivitis; you will need the surgical gum cleaning treatment. It will treat and prevent gingivitis from occurring.

Periodontitis is severe gum disease. It is as a result of worsened gingivitis. Periodontitis causes swelling of the gums. As the gum continues to swell the teeth become loose and start separating from the gum. This leads to having pockets, which are the spaces between the gum. Bacteria are trapped in the pockets that lead to infection. If not treated, it can lead to loss of tooth and bone. Once you notice the signs of gingivitis, you need to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Benefits of Surgical Gum Cleaning

Treats and eradicates gum diseases

Gum diseases can be a nightmare to many people because of the pain, swelling, and bleeding. One experiences sleepless nights and unable to eat certain foods. Surgical gum cleaning treatment will treat gum diseases and allow you to have peaceful nights and able to eat various foods.

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You will get a beautiful smile

You get afresh breath

Bacteria contribute to bad odor as well as gum diseases. Once you have gingivitis, the bad smell is inevitable because of the bacteria and accumulated tartar. Once you get the surgical gum cleaning, you can have a fresh breath.

Removal of tartar

Tartar is the accumulation of food residues. It is challenging to have sparkling clean teeth because of drinking tea, coffees and carbonated products. Surgical gum cleaning is important to make the teeth clean and to have a good breath. Surgical gum cleaning aims mainly to treat gum diseases. For regular gum cleaning, surgery is not needed.

It is an outpatient surgery

It will take a few hours depending on the level of the tartar build-up and infection. You will go home after the procedure. You may experience pain and bleeding after the surgery but the dentist will give you medication to control that.


Gum cleaning is more effective in treating gum diseases than taking medicine. Medicine is good because it helps control the infection but it may reoccur. The surgical gum cleaning removes bacteria from the pockets and tartar to prevent and treat gum diseases.

Disadvantages of Surgical Gum Cleaning

It can be costly

This treatment method is costly than taking medicine and antibiotics. However, you can have a dental covering to help in sharing the cost. You can inform your insurance giver and know what percentage they will chip in. This will help to reduce the overall cost burden.

The sensitivity of teeth increases

After the gum cleaning surgery, the sensitivity of the teeth increases towards cold and warm liquids. This may go on for like a week and your teeth will be okay.


If you notice that you are bleeding excessively after the surgery, call your doctor immediately. Just like other surgeries, excessive bleeding is a risk. Fortunately, it can be controlled. Regular checkups after the surgery re highly recommended.

Surgical gum cleaning has more advantages than disadvantages. It is among the safest surgery in dental care that you can consider. The risks are minimal and the after-effects can be managed. You should not worry about the disadvantages when your oral health is at risk. Our dentists are fully trained and have experience in treating gum diseases.

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