Many people have suffered from a condition known as malocclusion. Malocclusion is irregular bite as a result of misaligned jaws. This is a common oral issue among many people so do not freak out if you have this issue. The good news is that there is a cure for the misaligned jaws.

One of the most effective options for treating malocclusion is jaw dental surgery. The surgery is performed in the skeleton structure of the mouth to correct the misalignment of the teeth and jaws. Patients who undergo jaw dental surgery are those the misalignment causes aesthetic and severe oral function problems.

Jaw dental surgery is also known as orthognathic surgery. It aims to solve problems such as underbite, overbite, crossbite, or open bite that is caused by uneven growth of the jaw. Misaligned jaws and teeth cause the following oral problems:

• Difficulty in swallowing, biting or chewing.
• Difficulty in speech.
• Severe jaw pain.
• Severe tooth wears because of grinding.
• Difficulties in breathing and sleep apnea.
• Difficulty or unable to close the mouth.
• Chin can start receding.
• Protruding jaw.
• A distorted facial structure that affects the appearance.

What you need to know about Jaw Dental Surgery

Correcting the functions of the jaws and teeth needs an orthodontic specialist to perform jaw dental surgery. It helps to improve the oral health of a person and the physical appearance. It helps to boost the self-confidence and self-esteem of an individual.

Advantages of Jaw Dental Surgery

  • The surgery corrects the jaw alignment and makes it balance well in the mouth. This means that you will be able to breathe, speak and chew better. The reason for having the surgery is to improve mouth capabilities.
  • The surgery can treat TMJ pain and disorder. A TMJ disorder can lead to open bites, headaches, receding chin, sleep apnea, and facial injuries. A successful jaw dental surgery can treat all these.
  • It improves your physical appearance. This corrective surgery helps to improve your facial appearance by correcting the jaw alignment. Jaw alignment plays a significant role in ensuring that you have a proper facial appearance. Hence, it improves your self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • It helps to protect the teeth from wearing out and preserve your dental skeleton structure. It is important to go for the surgery once you have been diagnosed with severe jaw misalignment. The procedure gives you a long term solution to your oral health.
  • The surgery helps you to have a better smile and good facial structure. Misaligned jaws inhibit easiness of opening and closing of the mouth. This means that you will experience difficulties when you want to smile. Sometimes the jaws may be protruding which will distort your facial appearance. The surgery is a good option to solve these oral health issues.

Drawbacks of Dental Surgery

  • You can experience excessive bleeding after the surgery. Bleeding is an aftereffect of most surgeries. The doctor will monitor your progress and give you medication to stop the bleeding. After the surgery, you need to have the contact of the dentist so you can report if something unusual like this happens.
  • You can experience sensory loss after jaw dental surgery. this condition can be treated and you can recover.
  • Patients with diabetes and tobacco users can experience healing complications. After surgery, the wound that remains needs to heal so that you can resume normal oral activities.
  • Damaging of nerves is possible. The jaw has nerves that sense pain and discomfort and can be damaged during surgery because of anesthesia.
  • You can experience breathing complications. This can be taken care of by the dentist.

At Dental Singapore, we aim at doing surgery carefully to minimize any after-effects and surgery risks. We also keep our patients under monitoring and evaluation to check the progress of the healing of the wound. It helps to identify any complications early and rectify them. After the surgery, you will have dentist visits for a check-up until the wound has fully healed.

Book an appointment with us today and meet our trained dentists to guide you through the jaw dental surgery. We are here to help you understand the process and you can ask us any questions. It is our aim to make sure that more Singaporean enjoy good oral health care.

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