Restorative dentistry deals with tooth or teeth replacement of missing teeth or filling in gaps in between teeth. A tooth can be replaced due to deterioration, decay, or tooth fracture. At Dental Singapore, we offer the following tooth restorations.

Tooth Filling

This is a common restorative method that we do at Dental Singapore. The materials that we use for tooth fillings include resin fillings, gold, and silver amalgam. We advise our patients on the best material to use depending on their needs and budget.


A crown is a cap that has a shape similar to that of a tooth. The benefits of having crowns are to restore the appearance, size, strength, and shape of the tooth. The tooth might lose its strength and shape due to tooth decay and deterioration.


These are artificial teeth that are inserted to fill a gap in between the teeth or to replace a missing tooth. The artificial tooth is cemented permanently to allow you to have normal chewing capabilities. The artificial teeth look similar to the normal teeth and one cannot tell the difference unless you tell them. It is comfortable and will improve your smile and confidence.


Implants involves the replacement of the teeth roots with a metal post. Then after replacing the roots, the artificial tooth is joined to the metal post. In restorative dentistry, implants procedure goes in hand with crown replacement.


These are removable artificial teeth that are made of materials such as acrylic resins and a small percentage of the metallic compound. These teeth appear natural but may not function like natural teeth. Dentures are less costly than implants.

Benefits of Restorative Dentistry

It Eliminates Oral Dental Discomfort
In case of an accident, your tooth may crack or chip which can make you feel uncomfortable. Other cases like tooth decay and cavities can cause a lot of pain and affect your sleeping patterns. The discomfort can be treated under the restorative dentistry branch. Crowns can be used to protect your tooth from further damage.
Durable Dental Solution
Restoration dental procedures use porcelain or ceramic crowns that are durable. This will avoid further damage to your teeth and prevent gum infections. Dental implants are long-lasting than crowns because they are permanent.
Teeth Appearance is Improved
Restorative dentistry gives you an opportunity to have better teeth appearance. Broken or chipped, or missing tooth does not look good in your mouth. Dental implants, crowns, fillings, and dentures will enhance your teeth appearance and give you a beautiful smile.
A Convenient Procedure
Oral health can be improved by restorative dentistry procedures. Implants and crowns help to prevent tooth decay and cavities. Dental bridges help to fill in the gap in between the teeth and make your mouth appear full of teeth hence you can chew food comfortably. Dentures can replace more than one missing tooth hence becomes a good solution if you have several missing teeth in a row.
Restoration dental procedures are affordable and you can have the missing tooth fixed in a few hours. You will need to visit the dentist to monitor the healing process and to report any complications. We have suitable payment plans that will not strain your monthly expenses. Contact us and book an appointment with us today.
Dental Restoration is Quick
The procedures require minimal preparation as compared to dental surgical procedures. If you have a cracked or chipped tooth, we will place a bonding material to restore your tooth back in shape. The process takes less than an hour and you will be on your back to work or home. The procedures do not interrupt your daily activities and programs. If you are experiencing too decay, we can remove and restore with an artificial tooth within a single visit. This makes it easy for anyone to receive restorative dental care.
Achieve a natural Look
At Dental Singapore, we provide you that natural-like dental fillings, implants, bridges, crowns, and dentures. We aim at making our restoration process to look natural so that no one can notice you have a crown or an artificial tooth.

Book an appointment with us today and let us give you the best dental restorative procedure.

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