General dentistry is concerned with diagnosing, treating and preventing oral conditions and diseases that affect the gums, maxillofacial, and teeth. At Dental Singapore, we provide general services that aim at maintaining tooth health and oral hygiene. We help our patients to prevent teeth and gum diseases to stay healthy. We aim at improving oral hygiene among the Singaporeans by preventing serious oral health problems.

Our dentists will help come up with a suitable plan for dental hygiene according to your schedule. Good oral hygiene prevents dental diseases and bad odor. It helps you become confident and have a good smile. Close monitoring of your dental health will help us identify any oral health issue early and treat it before it becomes complicated and expensive to treat.

General dentistry is important because teeth accumulate starch and sugary elements that create a good environment for bacterial growth. the accumulation of the bacteria over a long period of time can lead to tooth decay and gum diseases. If not treated, it leads to more complicated oral health issues and you may lose your teeth.

Brushing your teeth two times a day and flossing is an effective way to maintain good oral hygiene. Consider choosing toothbrushes that have soft bristles and a good size to clean your teeth well. Go for toothpastes that have fluoride because it helps to prevent tooth decay and gum diseases. Using mouthwash is also helpful because it helps to kill germs and bacteria.

Oral Prophylaxis

It is the professional cleaning of teeth and it a basic step to keeping your teeth healthy and improving oral hygiene. This cleaning process helps to remove any stuck food residues between the teeth. These food particles are hardly removed by regular tooth brushing. This is why we encourage flossing once a day. We recommend you to visit a dentist twice a year for teeth cleaning as well as daily home teeth cleaning practices like flossing.

Extraction of Wisdom Teeth/Tooth

Wisdom teeth are the four molars that grow from the age of 20 years. If your wisdom teeth are having cavities or aching, it does not mean that they should be automatically removed. You will need an assessment to recommend suitable treatment. We aim at protecting natural teeth.

Oral Surgery

If a tooth is beyond restoration, a dentist can recommend extraction. If your teeth are overcrowded, extraction may be a good solution to improve your smile and facial appearance. Periodontal diseases and tooth decay can lead to oral surgery if diagnosed very late.

Root Canal Treatment

General dentistry included treating a root canal. An infected pulp makes you uncomfortable and affects chewing ability. Our dentists are highly trained to perform root canal treatment. The treatment may require more than one visit depending on how complicated the pulp is infected. Consider visiting a dentist regularly to get an early diagnosis of oral problems and early treatment. It will prevent further teeth or oral infections.

Dental Examination

The dental examination involves lab tests, X-rays, teeth cleaning, tooth scaling, and diagnosis procedure to help identify the best treatment procedures. Depending on the test results, the dentist will recommend immediate restorative treatment and methods. It aims at reducing the effects of oral diseases and infections.

At Dental Singapore we give our patients a suitable treatment schedule depending on the results of dental tests. We personalize a treatment plan according to the time that is suitable for you and according to your daily schedule. Our pricing and treatment are transparent and we work together with you so that you can plan your finances.

We encourage regular dental visits so you can enjoy exceptional dental health. Start by booking an appointment with us to find out more about our general and specialized dental services. We have a wide range of dentistry services that we believe will help you achieve good oral hygiene and prevent gum diseases.

It is uncomfortable to always experience pain when chewing, toothaches, and mouth swelling due to gum diseases and infections. An advantage of working with us oral hygiene and care is that we take care of children’s oral health. We have a trained pediatric dentist that will walk with your children during the teething process at the age of losing the milk teeth.

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