Prosthodontics dental services are also known as mouth makeover, or cosmetic dentistry is some occasions. These services aim at replacing lost teeth with removable artificial teeth. The replaceable artificial teeth include bridges and crowns.

The prosthodontics dental services are important because it helps you have good oral health. It helps you boost your confidence and have a beautiful smile. It helps solve teeth that are beyond repair that are causing you to have a consistent headache and restless nights.

The benefits of the dental service include the replacement of lost teeth. No one likes to lose the natural teeth. In the event it happens, prosthodontics provides you with the opportunity of having an artificial tooth. The artificial tooth is usually customized to appear similar to the original tooth.

Prosthodontics help to improve your chewing ability. This service helps to align teeth for proper chewing ability. Overbite or underbite can cause headaches, muscle pain, tooth erosion, and tooth sensitivity.  Bite correction can be non-surgical to help you preserve your natural teeth.

The appearance of the existing teeth can be improved. Your dental arrangement looks better when you have all teeth. The artificial tooth will help you have a complete set of teeth that will improve your smile and confidence.

Our Dental Services

Dental Crown

A dental crown is a cap that looks like a tooth and is placed over a tooth to restore its appearance, size, shape, and strength. You will need a dental crown on the following occasions.

  • To prevent tooth decay and strengthen a week tooth. Parts of a decayed tooth need to be held together to prevent further deterioration.
  • A broken tooth that is worn out need to be restored with a dental crown.
  • A tooth that has had a filling and keeps on wearing out needs a dental crown. The wearing out affects the ability of the teeth to chew and can cause tooth decay.
  • A dental crown can be used to hold a dental bridge. A dental bridge can be shaky after a long time of use because of chewing. A crown can be used to hold it down and avoid unnecessary movements that can make you uncomfortable.
  • To cover teeth that have discolored or misshaped teeth.
  • A crown can cover a dental implant.
  • For children, the crown can be used to save a tooth from decay.
Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is an artificial tooth that is placed to fill gaps in between the teeth. A bridge can be made of different materials such as porcelain or gold. Porcelain is more preferred because it can blend in with natural teeth color. You need a dental bridge if you have a missing tooth or gap between teeth. The advantages are that it will restore your smile, improve chewing ability, restore pronunciation of words and speech, prevent the teeth from moving, and improve your smile. You need to visit a dentist before deciding on which tooth bridge to have.

Before the dental bridge is put in your jaws, recontouring and removing excess enamel is done.  This is done to create enough room for the tooth bridge. After this, the dental bridge is placed on your jaw.


Dentures are artificial teeth that can be removed and placed back anytime you desire. The dentures are customized according to your teeth and mouth size to make them efficient and comfortable to wear. Dentures help you increase self-confidence, improve your smile, support the facial muscles, improve chewing ability, and make you comfortable. You can eat and drink with dentures, just like having natural teeth. You are recommended to start taking soft foods before you get used to eating hard foods. Dentures are a lifetime solution to lost teeth and gaps between teeth. Remember, you need to take care of your dentures just as you take care of your natural teeth. Regular brushing and flossing are highly recommendable. Wearing and chipping of dentures can happen, though rarely. But when it happens, you can visit a dentist for a replacement.


Dental veneers are customized shells that cover the front part of the tooth. They are customized according to your tooth size and shape. The veneers are resistant to stains and discoloring. Veneers solve problems such as tooth discoloring, wearing out of teeth, correct misaligned and irregular teeth, and close gaps within teeth. Before you are given the veneers, the dentist will assess you and take your tooth size and shape. This is to make sure that the veneers blend in just like the natural teeth.

You will need three visits to have the veneers. It usually takes 2-4 weeks for a dentist to prepare customized veneers. They are usually made in the laboratory. The dentist will fix the veneers temporarily to examine if they blend in and if they are fitting you well. After everything is okay, the dentist will make the veneers permanent. Veneers can be used on worn-out teeth, chipped or broken teeth, and discolored teeth.

Temporomandibular Joint

TMJs are the jaw joints that allow the mouth to function fully. However, these joints can be damaged which can cause significant stress on the mouth. We provide full consultation for the treatment of TMJ. Benefits of TMJ treatment include: reduction of jaw pains, eradicate chronic headaches and discomfort, reduces jaw damage, and allows you to chew and talk properly.

If you have been experiencing TMJ complications, book an appointment with us today. We have a dentist who has specialized in TMJ treatment. A dentist will diagnose your jaws by listening when you open and close the mouth, press the joint to identify any pain and observe how wide you can open your mouth. Also, the dentist will need X-rays, CT scans, and MRI to identify the problem and start treatment. Treatment options under TMJ include jaw surgery, medications, oral splints, and stress management treatment.

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