Deep gum cleaning is referred to as gum therapy and it is the treatment done to clean teeth and gums from the roots. Gum cleaning removes bacteria and dirt that regular brushing cannot remove. It removes the buildup of tartar around the gum line and at the root of the tooth. This process is beneficial because it helps to treat gum diseases and prevent them from occurring. Tartar is a plaque that has accumulated for long. This is why you need regular gum cleaning to remove the plaque before it becomes tartar. However, regular brushing of teeth is important because it helps to keep oral hygiene.

Once you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease, the dentist will recommend deep gum cleaning. This will help to prevent periodontal diseases and treatment as well. If the gum disease is not treated, it may lead to serious dental health issues like loss of teeth. Deep gum cleaning is essential in maintaining good oral care.

Benefits of Deep Gum Cleaning

Prevents Gum Disease

Deep gum cleaning helps in preventing gum diseases. Gum diseases are caused by bacteria that accumulate in tartar, plaque and in calculus. Once you go for deep gum cleaning, the bacteria will be removed which will improve oral hygiene. You can visit a dentist for a professional dental cleaning twice a year.

It improves the overall health of your teeth

There is a connection between good oral health care and general body health. When you have gum diseases, your whole body does not feel good. So, when your oral health is good, you are happy and you can carry out daily activities comfortably. Root diseases can cause cardiovascular diseases or stroke. Gum cleaning will help you diagnose diseases early and get treatment.

It prevents loss of teeth

The effects of gum disease include loss of teeth. A deep cleaning helps to remove tartar and plaque that leads to bacterial infection. The bacterial infection is what makes the tooth weak and starts to fall off. Consider having deep gum cleaning to prevent loss of teeth.

Improves your smile

Sparkling white teeth is all many people desire to have. One feels confident to smile with clean and sparkling teeth. Maintaining sparkling teeth is a challenge because of taking coffee and smoking. This why you should consider having regular deep gum cleaning. The cleaning is non-surgical, but it is done under local anesthesia.

You get a good smell

Bad breath comes as a result of accumulated tartar that keeps bacteria. Bacteria make the mouth to have a mouth odor. The gum cleaning will help to remove the bacteria and give you a fresh breath. If you are struggling with bad odor even after you brush your teeth, you can consider having gum cleaning.

Disadvantages of Deep Gum Cleaning

Gum cleaning can lead to loss of teeth if the individual has a heart problem or diabetic condition. Therefore, your medical history is taken before the process begins. This is to give the dentist a clear picture on how to go about it. You will feel pain after the deep gum cleaning and you can experience bleeding. The doctor will give you painkillers and antibiotics to control the situation. Painkillers will help you not to feel pain and be able to sleep.

Increases tooth sensitivity. So, you may experience tooth sensitivity when you take cold or hot stuff after the deep gum cleaning. This might be uncomfortable for some time then resume back to normal.


The cost depends on the medical insurance that you have for dental care. You need to talk to your insurance company and know how much the company will pay. If you do not have insurance, consider taking an insurance plan. Consequently, visit our dentists to find out more about the cost of deep gum cleaning. This will help you to prepare financially for the deep gum cleaning. We have a plan on how to pay in installments to help you have a good financial plan.

Book an appointment with us today and find out more about the deep gum cleaning. The appointment will allow you to ask questions and know more about the procedure. Contact us today.

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