At Dental Singapore, we provide specialized dental services. We aim at giving our patients the best dental care and that is why we have a wide scope of dental service.

Our Specialized Dental Services


This dental service focuses on treating the misalignment of jaws and teeth. We diagnose misaligned teeth and jaws that can cause overbites and underbites. We recommend the best treatment method for children or adults. We have orthodontic care technologies that help us give you the best service and you will see your teeth align after several months.
Orthodontic treatment has many benefits such as improving the ability to chew food, improving speech, makes you feel comfortable when brushing teeth or flossing, prevents the occurrence of periodontal and cavity diseases, prevent chipping and wearing out of teeth, and reduce injury caused by growing wisdom teeth.
The following are braces that we offer under orthodontic dental service.
• Invisalign Braces
• Metal Braces
• Ceramic Braces
• Damon Self-Ligating Braces

This is a comprehensive specialized dental service that deals with assessment and treatment of mouth, face, and jaws. The treatment methods are mostly surgical. They are recommended in cases of neck and head cancers, oral cancer, facial deformities, impacted teeth, cysts and tumors in the jaws, salivary gland diseases, and oral ulcers.
Our dentists are highly trained in performing the different types of surgeries in maxillofacial dental service. We have high-tech machines that help with surgical procedures and assessment. We work closely with other specialists such as ENT specialists, neurosurgeons, oncologists, and plastic surgeons to make sure that you get the best treatment and minimize after surgery complications. We care about the dental care of our patients.
The benefits of maxillofacial treatment include: resolving sleep apnea, improves your smile, aligns jaws and teeth, reduces oral pain, and improves facial appearance. You also get benefits such as improved speech and chewing ability.
The following are the dental services we over-under maxillofacial surgical treatments.
• Dental Implants surgery
• Jaw Surgery
• Surgery for wisdom Teeth
• Complex Surgery for Orofacial Injuries
• Dental implants (all-on-4)
• Oral Cancer Surgery
Prosthodontist dentists focus on replacing jaw structures with dentures, bridges or prostheses, and replaces missing teeth. We have specialized prosthodontist dentists who have undergone intensive schooling and training sessions to prove their ability to handle patients. Our dentists are also licensed and approved to give you dental services.
You should consider working with prosthodontist because they have advanced in the technology involved in treating complex dental issues. We aim at restoring the normal functions of your face, neck, and mouth. Preservation of dental health can be intense in case of an accident that can cause facial and oral deformities. The good news is that our dentists are highly trained to handle such situations.
The benefits of these services include preventing cavities, replacing missing teeth, treating TMJ disorders to improve chewing ad talking ability. It also allows you to remove the gaps in between the teeth, if it is large enough to accommodate an extra tooth, it can be implanted. Research shows that having healthy and white teeth builds your self-confidence and you can speak with courage in front of people.
We provide the following dental services under prosthodontics.
• Dental Crown
• Dental Bridges
• Dentures
• Veneers
• Temporomandibular Joint
This branch of dentistry deals with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of periodontal diseases. It also deals with dental implants to improve your teeth arrangement. Our dentists are experts in treating oral inflammation and periodontal diseases. The diseases include gingivitis, gum disease, affected jaw bone, mouth sores, and oral inflammation. Our periodontists are highly trained to provide the best treatment methods and to monitor if your dental health is okay. This is why you need to visit a dentist once in every 6 months to check if your oral health is okay. You will enjoy the benefits of early detection of any oral diseases and start treatment immediately before it becomes complicated.
During the initial dental visit, our dentist will check your gums and teeth to see if the teeth are well aligned and to check the health status of the gum line. A periodontist will check the spaces between teeth to see if you need an artificial tooth or the gap can be closed by using the braces. X-rays can be recommended for proper diagnosis of the teeth and gum condition.
The following are the periodontal services that we provide.
• Deep Gum Cleaning
• Surgical Gum Cleaning
• Crown Lengthening
• Gum Grafting for Recession
• Bone Grafting
This branch of dentistry is concerned with the health and treatment of the dental pulp and the tissues around the roots of teeth. We have dentists who have specialized in treating the pulp tissue around the teeth. This is a sensitive tissue and once affected it can cause a lot of pain in the teeth which can lead to oral swelling and lack of sleep. It will also affect your eating habits. Our dentist will perform complex procedures that include endodontic surgery and root canal treatment. When pulp infection is diagnosed early, the treatment becomes easier and more effective.
We have advanced technologies to help in providing root canal treatment and surgery to reduce after treatment infections. Before the treatment starts, you need to be in a position to commit throughout the treatment process. The healing part is important because it determines whether the surgery or treatment method was successful.
We provide the following services under the endodontics branch.
• Root Canal Treatment
• Dental Pulp Treatment

Book an appointment with us today to find out the best treatment method for you. We have several dental services to offer for different categories. Our dentists will diagnose your oral problem before deciding on which treatment to give you. We are highly trained and certified to perform all these dental services. You can always confirm the certifications and qualifications of our dentists. You are allowed to ask any question to eradicate any doubt that you may have about our specialization.
Do not waste another minute, call us today and start benefiting from our specialized dental services.

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