This is a branch in dentistry that deals with dental implant surgical treatment procedures. The dental implant replaces a whole tooth or a tooth root with screw-like posts and metals. It allows you to have a normal chewing function. We offer tooth replacement surgeries to replace the lost natural teeth. The implant surgery depends on the condition of the tooth infection and jawbone. The surgery involves several procedures and we recommend a maximum commitment to the treatment plan for its effectiveness and complete healing. The healing takes many months, so dental visits are highly essential.

At Dental Singapore we recommend dental implantology if you have the following occurrences.

  • Premature jawbone.
  • The suitable jawbone that can handle bone graft.
  • Missing teeth.
  • Healthy oral tissues.
  • Healthy bones.
  • Non-tobacco smoker.
  • Available for the implant process because it takes several months.
  • If dentures are becoming uncomfortable.

Dental Implant Risks

Just like any other surgery, the dental implant has health risks. The good news is that health risks are minor and can be treated. These risks include:

  • Infection in the area of the implant.
  • Injury of the blood vessels or teeth surrounding the implant.
  • Nerve injury may cause numbness or pain.
  • Mouth swelling.
  • Implants at the upper jaws tend to lead to sinus problems.

How you can Prepare for the Dental Implant

The preparation involves a dentist who is approved to perform dental surgery and a specialist in teeth and bones occasionally an ENT specialist will be needed especially for implants that involve the upper jaw. At Dental Singapore we embrace teamwork to make sure the patient gets the best dentistry services. In addition, dental implant surgery requires one or more procedures and several check-up sessions until healing occurs fully.

The following are some of the processes done to prepare you for implantology.

  • A dental exam that includes 3D images, scans, and X-rays to check the status of your jaw and teeth.
  • A medical history review is done to provide an overview of your medical condition. If you have other health issues, the dentist will know the treatment to use to keep you in good condition.
  • The treatment schedule is done according to how many surgical processes you may require for your tooth/teeth implant. Once you start the dental implant procedure, you are required to commit to the process until you recover fully.

What Steps to expect during Dental Implantology

Dental implant surgery is an outpatient surgery at all its stages with different doctor’s appointment in between the healing process. The steps in dental implant surgery include the following:

  • Assessing damaged teeth.
  • Removing the tooth.
  • Preparing the jawbone for grafting. This stage is optimal depending on the health condition of the jawbone.
  • Placement of the implant in the jawbone
  • Allowing the bone to grow and heal.
  • Placement of an abutment.
  • Finally, an artificial tooth is placed.
  • Regular dentist visits are scheduled.

In dental implantology, more time is dedicated to the healing process. The surgical procedures can a day or more depending on how many implants you need. During the healing process, you are given tips on how to maintain oral hygiene and to avoid infections from occurring.

Bone Grafting

Before dental surgery, if your jaw bone is too soft or thin, you may require bone grafting. If your jawbone cannot support the implant, the surgery may fail. A bone graft makes your jaw to be strong and to provide a suitable base for the implant. There are several options for bone grafting where a doctor can use part of your body or artificial bone grafting. The dentists will provide the best grafting method for you. In cases of bone grafting, the treatment process may take longer days. After grafting, the jawbone is allowed to heal and become solid. A dental implant is a sensitive procedure that needs the patient’s commitment to the treatment plan and highly skilled dentists.

The dental implant is costly but a suitable way of fixing artificial teeth or roots that will help you chew food and have a good smile. At Dental Singapore, we aim at preventing you from losing natural teeth. But, in a situation where natural teeth are affected and are affecting your dental health, dental removal and implant is a suitable option.

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