Ceramic braces use colorless braces and have colored brackets unlike the metal braces that use silver and metallic wires and brackets. Ceramic braces are less noticeable and this why many people may prefer ceramic to metallic braces. They are effective in straightening the teeth and you will feel comfortable when wearing them.

Facts about Ceramic Braces

They are Discreet
Ceramic braces are made in similar shape as the metallic braces, but they are smaller, and invisible. You have the option of choosing different wire colors according to your preference. Ceramic braces are more preferred by teen because they can choose different colors. If you are trying to convince you teenager to wear braces, you can consider ceramic braces. Most of them do not want to be walking a mouth full of metallic brackets and wires for 18 months.
They are Tough
Due to the name ceramic, many people tend to assume that the braces are not tough or strong as the metallic ones. Ceramic has been refined with the new technologies in dentistry to make them strong and tough. At Dental Singapore, we offer the best ceramic quality that is strong and durable. You do not want to risk wearing weak ceramic braces that can snap out before the recommended period is over.
The braces are made clear and you can choose a colored wire that will blend with your teeth color. This allows you to have a good smile without worrying much about your environment. When wearing metallic braces, you become more self-conscious. You also tend to limit your smile to not expose the metallic braces.
It does not Demineralize the Enamel
Ceramic braces do not cause enamel demineralization. The latest technology in dentistry has helped solve the problem of demineralization because many prior customers had complaint of the effect. You will not worry about your tooth enamel being damaged by the ceramic braces.
Easy to Remove
After finishing the treatment period, the clear ceramic come out easily. It is less difficult to remove the ceramic braces because they use the latest technology. Ceramic braces are an advancement of the metallic braces. You will not experience pain when finish the treatment process.
Almost Invisible
The braces are hardly noticeable in pictures unlike the metallic braces. Your smile will also be beautiful. You can comfortably interact with people at work and in school.
Very Effective
Ceramic braces are effective and you will experience significant changes within a few months. It is faster than the Invisalign because Invisalign are removed when eating. Sometimes you might forget to put them back, which reduces its effectiveness. Ceramic braces are permanent, meaning they are removed when the treatment period is over. You will visit a doctor for tightening and adjustment.
Ceramic braces are more comfortable than metallic braces. They have small, rounded and ceramic brackets that are less likely to cause gum irritation. It makes it to be more advantageous than the metallic braces. However, the irritation caused by the metallic braces does not last long. Once your mouth gets used to it, you are good.
Stain Resistant
Ceramic braces use the latest technology that resists stains. This is to make sure that your oral hygiene is kept up to standards and you are not at a risk of walking with discolored braces. You should continue with your usual cleaning habits and diet program. However, hard foods are discouraged to avoid tampering with the brackets.


Ceramic braces are a good option, but they also have a few disadvantages.

  • They are more expensive than metallic braces. If you are comfortable with spending more coins, then ceramic braces is a good option. If you are working with a tight budget, you can consider metallic braces.
  • Ceramic braces cannot handle same pressure, as the metallic ones because the brackets are consider weaker. If your teeth misalignment needs intensive straightening, our dentist will recommend the metallic braces for better results.

·         Ceramic braces need a high level of cleaning maintenance. Since they are clear, the probability of noticing stains is higher than on metallic braces. Therefore, you need high level of oral hygiene routine

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